The Artisan Workshop


Artisan Workshop began 10 years ago when Brett Breaux, Owner of BECC Homes, decided to start cabinet shop.  The shop's main purpose was to provide BECC Homes with unparalleled, quality and craftsmanship, for all of their Cabinetry and Specialty Millwork needs.

We are able to provide the highest level of Custom Cabinetry and Design.  On top of custom Architectural Millwork, we also provide custom furniture, custom doors, stair treads, shutters, architectural brackets, and any other specialty woodworking needs

The Artisans

Director Of Operations

Chad Weaver

Chad graduated in 2012 from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette with a Bachelors of Industrial Design.  He is in charge of Design, Logistics, and Marketing

Alpha Craftsman

Shawn Ducharme

Shawn has 20+ years as a carpenter.  He is the Shop Foreman and Alpha Craftsman.  He is also our resident Photographer

Alpha Craftsman

Ruben Lopez

Ruben has 20+ years as a carpenter.  He oversees site installs and is in charge of our specialty division.

Carpenter Apprentice 

Taylor Evans

Carpenter Apprentice

Roney Castro